The Lumberyard

1504 NE 54th Ave

Des Moines, IA

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The Lumberyard in Des Moines

Strip Club

With a wide range of features, specials, and premier dancers The Lumberyard is one of Des Moines' finest strip clubs. Whether you are putting on a bachelor party or just want to put all those dollar bills to good use, it is well worth the visit.
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April 3, 2014 starstarstarstarstar
Celeste was the best. Oh my god she is hot. She Should actually be illegal :D. Had a wonderful time. Celeste if your reading this, this is the guy from Baltimore. Would love to be in touch. Drop me an email.
March 27, 2014 starstarstarstarstar
Celeste was the most beautiful girl on the planet - 3 songs was heaven - this place was awesome!!! 5 stars just isn‘t enough
March 19, 2014 starstarstarstarstar
Minnesota Crane Man here..I was finally able to dig out of this horrible winter and get south to party with Deon..she is just a beautiful fun sexy chick.

Deon alway fun..great vist..great private time

treat her well.
December 18, 2013 starstarstarstarno star
Minnesota Crane Man town for a couple of days and was finally able to break away to the Yard hoping to see Deon or Dawn..but they are so popular..hard to get in to see them..but I did meet two great chicks Riley, who isn‘t Irish but Portugese and has the cutest little bod and Stacey, who is Irish and has beautiful hair..they did a double double with me an man oh man was it great..they were fun and just blew me away.

One problem with the Yard and it may be might my last time there is they want to scan your you know what is all on your drivers license stripe? you DO NOT want it swiped maybe it‘s ok if you are some punk under 30 who will never amount to anything but if you own a business and discretion is important and you have a 7 figure portfolio you are very cautious who has your Yard management..I understand you gotta protect yourself but if you don‘t give your door girl some leeway..I won‘t be back..

Riley Stacey,,thank you..Deon, Dawn I hope to see you next time..Minnesota Crane Man
December 3, 2013 starno starno starno starno star
they don,t get naked i think it is stupid. not going again
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